About Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes

Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes (RSCC) works hard and nuture the students for making their dream a reality by its effective and conceptual teaching, motivational classes and time management. We provide best Chemistry classes in Patna for JEE (Mains & Advanced), NEET, 11th & 12th exam preparation. At Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes we believed that, Success of every student is our responsibility.

Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes (RSCC)  is consider  the best chemistry coaching for JEE Main and Advance | NEET | XI | XII ever since it’s foundation. More than lakhs  students have trusted  Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes (RSCC) which works as a bridge between their dream and reality.


Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes is even an emerging star of online platform, it has its own app on Google play by the name of  Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes.

Our Objective

Our objective is to boost the confidence of students for facing National and international level exams, so that they can prepare well without any stress and achieve their dreams.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to bring a positive change and transformation in the Education system for all the students of the country, so that students can learn in a better way and achieve their goals.

About Ranjan Sir

Ranjan Singh sir started his career as associate professor  at Narayana IIT Academy Delhi. He also worked on the position of H.O.D. chemistry  at Goal Institute Patna.

Now a day he is a renowned chemistry teacher in Boring Road, Patna, who is known for his impactful teaching methods to ensure effective improvement in students’ knowledge and preparation in order to crack  JEE Main and Advance | NEET and score good marks in boards.

He graduated from Patna Science College and  has  master degree in Biochemistry  from Patna University.

He started his individual coaching class by the name Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes (RSCC), at Vivekanand Marg, opposite A. N college, Boring Road, Patna-13 in 2011.

Ranjan Sir


Ranjan Singh

Why Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes (RSCC)

Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes (RSCC) is consider as one of the best chemistry classes for JEE Main and Advance | NEET | XI | XII  by most  of the students and parents which offers real time learning and best for the academic journey. The main objective to design Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes (RSCC) is to suit students beginning with various level of preparation by providing  personal care and individual guidance.

The key factors which make Ranjan Singh Chemistry Classes (RSCC) ahead of any other chemistry classes in patna  for JEE Main and Advance | NEET | XI | XII ….

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